17 Beef Facts to Wow Your Thanksgiving Table

Drovers CattleNetwork, Sara Brown November 21, 2017

Don’t let the turkey steal the show! Wow your Thanksgiving dinner guests with these beef facts.

103 million
Number of cows and calves in the U.S. (as of July 1, 2017)


The first widespread cattle feedyards were built by U.S. cottonseed oil-mill operators to utilize mill by-products

Average number of cattle on U.S. beef cattle farms

Percentage of the world’s beef supply produced in the United States

Food Safety Inspection Service
U.S. governmental agency in charge of mandatory beef safety inspections. The FSIS is part of the USDA

Year the hamburger debuted at the World’s Fair in St. Louis

White Castle
First hamburger “chain” in the United States (founded in 1921)

Year the first McDonald’s opened

11.2 billion
Number of beef servings in American restaurants each year

3.4 oz.
Daily beef consumption per person in the U.S.

140 lb.
Amount of beef consumed annually per person in Argentina, the leading beef consuming country in the world (the U.S. average is about 70 lb. per year).

Ground Beef
Most popular cut of beef in the U.S.

Number of quarter pound burgers that could be produced from one steer

Amount of America’s water supply consumed by cattle

Number of basketballs that can be made from one beef hide

Number of stomachs in the cow (it is separated into four compartments)

Number of upper front teeth on a cow

9.5 months
Gestation (pregnancy) period of a cow