MICA is a voluntary organization, which operates without pecuniary profit to itself or any member. It is MICA’s belief that imported frozen boneless meat forms an essential part of the historic total U.S. supply of meat. MICA continues to seek the end of all restrictions in order to benefit U.S. consumers, the economy and, of course, its friends and members. The purposes of the corporation, as stated in its certificate incorporation, and only to the extent that said purposes are lawful, are as follows:

To foster the trade, commerce and interests of importers and exporters of fresh and/or frozen and/or cured and /or cooked and/or canned meats; to seek and obtain relief from unlawful or burdensome exactions, statutes and regulations; to work with importers’ and exporters’ associations, domestic or foreign governmental bodies and others toward solutions to industry problems; to procure uniformity and certainty in customs and usages of the meat trade; to distribute accurate information to its members and to the public; to settle differences and promote free intercourse between its members and those with whom they deal.

To form a group of direct importers of fresh and/or frozen and cured meats for the purpose of developing mutual interests.

To deal with all governmental agencies as the need arises.

To seek a basis of closer cooperation with all shipping agencies involved in ocean transportation of the meat in question; to seek improvement of pier facilities for taking delivery at all united states ports of entry; in addition, to work out a more satisfactory and uniform basis for truckmen to take delivery on piers and for warehousing.

When necessary, to deal with insurance companies for extension of coverage under their policies.

To maintain contacts with the foreign organizations, for the purposes of assisting in the promotion of interests of the trade.

To seek an eventual basis for the formation of credit information facilities to assist members in their dealings with foreign and domestic firms.

To set up eventually, standards for trading, description of products and related problems.