Canada can export pork to Argentina again

Meatingplace, By Rita Jane Gabbett on 12/1/2017

Canadian Minister of Agriculture Lawrence MacAulay and Argentine Minister of International Trade François-Philippe Champagne announced this week the Government of Canada has restored market access for Canadian pork exports to Argentina, effective immediately.

Argentina suspended Canadian processors’ export eligibility starting in 2002, according to the Canadian Pork Council, due to import requirement violations, including the use of the beta-agonist growth promotant ractopamine.

The Canadian pork industry anticipates a renewed export value of up to $16 million annually.

The announcement builds on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s visit to Argentina last year, when both leaders acknowledged the progress made to date and the necessary remaining steps to allow trade of Canadian pork to Argentina to resume.

“This market access will deepen Canada’s trade partnership with Argentina, boost global exports, and strengthen the middle class,” said MacAulay in a news release.

“Canadian pork access to the Argentinian market is an important step in our valued and growing relationship and evidence that engagement produces results. I encourage our Canadian pork industry to take advantage of the opportunities this leading South American market offers,” said Champagne.