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MICA offers its members a variety of committees; a few are listed below:

Arbitration Committee – Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to a contract can be settled by MICA Arbitration, if the parties have an Arbitration agreement. This Committee supervises these activities.

Beef Checkoff Committee – A committee to coordinate planning on issues relating to the Cattlemen’s Beef Board checkoff.

Central and South America Committee – Deals with issues involving exports/imports from Central and South America.

Food Safety Committee – Deals with issues relating to food safety and sanitary regulations.

Government, Industry & Trade Policy Committee – Covers legislative and regulatory changes in Washington D.C., including monitoring legislative activities in the US Congress and with Government agencies dealing with the importation of meat.

Revenue, Membership & Ethics Committee – Deals with issues relating to the financial state of the Council.

Shipping Committee – Advises members of conference line activities and assists in the safe handling and transportation of frozen cargo from all exporting countries.

Specifications and Trading Rules Committee – Draws up and recommends terms and guidelines for the imported meat trade in the USA.

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