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MICA offers its members a variety of committees; a few are listed below:

Arbitration Committee – Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to a contract can be settled by MICA Arbitration, if the parties have an Arbitration agreement. This Committee supervises these activities.

Beef Checkoff Committee – A committee to coordinate planning on issues relating to the Cattlemen’s Beef Board checkoff.

Fat Claim Guidelines and Trading Rules Committee – Draws up and recommends terms and guidelines for the imported meat trade in the USA.

Food Safety, Government, Industry & Trade Policy Committee – Covers legislative and regulatory changes in Washington D.C., including monitoring legislative activities in the US Congress and with Government agencies dealing with the importation of meat and food safety and sanitary regulations.

Meetings & Conventions Committee – Coordinates the planning of MICA meetings and conferences

Revenue and Membership Committee – Deals with issues relating to the financial state of the Council.

Shipping Committee – Advises members of conference line activities and assists in the safe handling and transportation of frozen cargo from all exporting countries.

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