Lamb campaign woos adventurous consumers

Meatingplace, By Lisa M. Keefe on 12/1/2017

The American Lamb Board (ALB) has launched a “Feed Your Adventurous Side” consumer campaign, aimed in part at younger consumers, the group said in a news release.

The campaign aims to take lamb beyond its traditional use at holidays “to a bold exploration of flavor and adventure.”

ALB’s research shows additional market opportunities for lamb among consumers who are most likely to desire new food favorites — a trait often noted among younger, millennial-aged consumers.

The campaign is designed to reach out to these target markets through social media, websites and other online destinations, supported by retail, foodservice and “influencer” programs.

“This new positioning for American Lamb as the adventurous, versatile protein option talks directly to people we call “Flavor Seekers” who are bored with ordinary food options. Millennials are an important part of our audience,” says Jim Percival, a producer based in Xenia, Ohio, and ALB chairman. “The digital nature of ‘Feed Your Adventurous Side’ allows focused promotions within the campaign at key times and locations.”

The “Adventurous” campaign is the most visible American Lamb program funded by producers, feeders and packers to increase consumer awareness and spark purchase frequency. It was developed as part of the checkoff’s efforts to focus on long-range, steady programs that build awareness for American Lamb as the premier product.

The consumer hub is plus social media channels including Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram.