MICA exists to serve its members. As a registered US trade association, MICA represents the interest of its members in many ways, and provides information feedback on many subjects.

Services to the membership include:

  • The MICA Chairman and designated directors address and discuss many policy questions, trade issues and business problems that affect members.
  • Many of these subjects are also analyzed by MICA’s attorneys and economic advisor, for advise and opinions.
  • Designated representatives of MICA, including directors who head MICA committees, volunteer their time to discuss and negotiate MICA business with government officials and numerous other outside parties.
  • Some directors – again on a voluntary time basis – sit on the US Beef Promotion Board to represent importer interests in how checkoff funds are utilized for generic beef promotion/research.
  • Each year, MICA convenes an annual meeting and a mid-year meeting.
  • These membership meetings customarily include open communications with representatives from various meat export countries, plus reports and discussion from numerous MICA work committees.
  • Subject matters covered by MICA work committees – in the interest of members – include shipping/transport/handling; meat inspection and food safety; insurance; customs (and other) regulations; meat specifications and trading rules; arbitration, etc.
  • MICA members – in all three categories of regular (actual importers), affiliate and associate – periodically are sent newsletters, bulletins and statistical data. Members are invited at all times to submit problems or questions to MICA office for review and/or follow-up actions.
  • Free Yellow Page advertisement on the MICA web page.